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We are the University of Washington Men's Lacrosse Club, a group of 30 student athletes that need your help!

We are aiming to raise money to provide scholarships for players that demonstrate financial need for subsidized costs of travel and equipment. For some individuals, the cost of playing can seem daunting and you can help change that!

Your tax deductible donation will help players continue their passion while we travel across the West Coast, representing the University of Washington. 

Our Team

Our program has developed a competitive environment for students to hone their lacrosse skills. We aim to grow as teammates and leaders, and compete at the highest collegiate level in the Pacific Northwest. The last two season we have qualified for our regional conferences Final Four tournament while playing other Universities such as U of O, USC, OSU, WSU, and UCLA. We are one step away from nationals.

 Our Goals

We are the UW Husky Lacrosse Club team, a group of 30 student athletes that need your help. We are aiming to raise money to create scholarships for our players to apply for, help subsidize our costs of travel and equipment, and fund a trip to nationals. 

Giving Back to the sport

Every year we put on the GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp at our home turf at UW. It's a wonderful chance for k-12 players to refine their skills with expert coaching from our players. Additionally, you can find our team helping out at local tournaments such as the Spaceneedle Shootout or solctice Shootout at the Starfire Sports Complex. 

Budget Breakdown 

As you can see, new players pay a slightly higher price to play on the team. The extra $300 goes into gear and covers their helmet, team bag, jersey, gloves, pennies, and shorts. Also, upon graduation each senior gets to keep one of their jerseys, and the money to replace those jerseys comes from the freshman, who will eventually get to keep one of their own! Overall, with a roster of 30 guys, assuming 20 returning players and 10 new players, our annual budget comes out to $78,000. This, coupled with the residual money from the previous year (if there is any) makes up our budget, and while it is enough to cover our expenses, it is not enough to provide a scholarship fund or cover the travel and other expenses of the national tournament. That is where you come in, every little bit helps!

80% of our Goal! 

  Published on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018 at 06:18 PM (PST)

wow! Thanks to our 18 supporters, we are 80% of the way to our goal! Keep spreading the word :) 

Nearly a quarter of our goal! 

  Published on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018 at 05:45 PM (PST)
After the first day of fundraising we are nearly a quarter of the way to our fundraising goal! Thank you to our 8 generous supporters

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Practice Gear

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A gift of this amount funds a player's practice gear! This includes a practice jersey, shorts, a long sleeve undershirt, and a short sleeve undershirt!

Lacrosse Balls!

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Game Gear

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Team Dues

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