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Help UW SHPE inspire the innovators of tomorrow!

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at the University of Washington is an organization that focuses on promoting unity, equality, and academic support for students that come from underrepresented and low-income regions. Our main mission is to facilitate the path to a science or engineering career for Hispanic and other underrepresented students through a network of support, encouragement, and development.



Currently, we are seeing a shortage of people from Hispanic and underrepresented communities pursuing a STEM degree. We believe that in order to make substantial progress as a society, we must be the change. 


How will your support help UW SHPE?

We are raising $4,500 in order to help provide the necessary support for our members to succeed academically and professionally. In addition, we are also raising money to help with our community outreach programs that aid in bringing middle and high school students to our Future Meets Present event. 


We want to raise $3000 to help cover the costs of traveling to the national convention in Kansas City. The $3000 will help offset the costs of airplane tickets, housing, and meal costs while at the convention. We want to raise $1000 to cover the two $500 scholarships that the chapter is looking to give out. Lastly, we want to raise the remaining $500 for helping with the transportation costs of bringing public school students to visit UW and the supplies that we will be using for demonstrations.

With your support, we hope to extend our reach to incorporate more deserving students that we can help. 

What makes us so unique?




Our group is neither a prerequisite to get into a major nor a requirement to graduate; it is neither an official class nor a class project and doesn’t have dedicated funding. We are a student-run club composed of students from all backgrounds and majors who simply share a passion for helping others. We volunteer our time and energy to do this because it is what we believe needs to happen to create a more diverse environment on campus. 


Come on board!

This is a great opportunity for students to put their engineering skills to the test and practice professional and academic development, and we would like you to be a part of it! Everybody is invited to follow our current progress on our web page, where we will be sharing what we’re up to and our events. We will proudly recognize donors through our donors list, on social media, and on our website.

Thank you for taking time to take a look at our initiative, and we hope that you will join us in supporting the next generation of Hispanic engineers!

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Make an Impact

Give a Meal!

Give $5

A gift of this amount provides a meal for one middle or high school student attending our Future Meets Present Program.

Student Membership

Give $10

A gift of this amount pays a student's dues for SHPE National Organization.


Give $25

A gift of this amount enables SHPE to grow our community through advertising and fun activities such as a 5K in the Spring and football tailgates in the Fall.


Give $50

A gift of this amount helps pay for transportation costs such as rental cars for our club, bonding events, and industry tours that are not easily accessible.

Professional Development

Give $100

A gift of this amount pays for the costs of a professional workshop for our students to develop communication skills, build better resumes, and get into their majors.

Community Building

Give $250

A gift of this amount helps pay for club resources such as food, gift bags, and event demonstrations used in community outreach events with local high schools.

Gearing Up for Conferences

Give $500

A gift of this amount helps pay the airfare for one of our members to attend the SHPE National Conference.

Career Builder

Give $750

A gift of this amount enables 3 students to attend the SHPE National Conference where they network, bond with their peers, and obtain interviews to eventually receive internship offers.


Give $1,000

A gift of this amount provides scholarships to two studious and dedicated students in order to ease the burden of their tuition, housing, and textbook payments.