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Who are Student Veterans at UW Tacoma?

Student Veterans at UW Tacoma is a student-led organization that serves as the voice of the veteran and military-connected community on UW Tacoma. We are veterans of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Our student veterans represent all ethnic, religious, social backgrounds from across the country and around the world - all coming together to achieve academic success.


Established in 2012 by a group of dedicated veterans, SVOUWT provides UW Tacoma student veterans connections to resources and community engagement opportunities enabling them to achieve their educational, personal and professional development goals. SVOUWT works closely with the UW Tacoma campus leadership in developing initiatives designed to assist over 1,000 military-connected students in a successful transition from military service and while completing their degrees.


Why is SVA NatCon Important?

Did you know America's student veterans are more likely graduate from college in academically-rigorous fields such as business, computer science, and healthcare at higher rates than our traditional-student counterparts? 

The Student Veterans of America National Conference is the largest gathering of student veterans in the nation highlighting these achievements. Last year, NatCon had an attendance of over 1,800 veterans from universities and community and technical college from all over the United States. Student veterans received crucial training in how to succeed as a student in higher education. Sessions ranged from how can veterans maximize their VA education benefits to information on how to apply for the prestigious Pat Tillman and SVA scholarships. NatCon also provides student veterans an opportunity to network with industry professionals. Employers such as Amazon, Bank of America, LinkedIn - and many more - will be present present, giving veterans the chance to interview for positions in the highly competitive STEM and business career fields.

How can you help?

Your donation will go toward paying the conference fee, lodging, flight and transpotation costs for UW Tacoma student veterans attending the conference. With your help, we can reduce the out-of-pocket costs, ensuring any student veteran that would like to go, can go. You make your choice. Please, read through the list of tiers and donate today!

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Make an Impact

Basic Training

Give $5

Donate $5, $10, $20 or up to $45. Basic Combat Training is one of the most transformative times of a veteran's life. It's a time of entering a new world - learning to be the best person, teammate, leader you can possibly be. It's exciting and scary at the same time. Almost like college... except drill sergeants, uniforms, and short haircuts.


Give $50

Your donation $50 could help us reach our goal faster. The FNG is that new private getting to a unit, right out of basic and AIT. You're not quite new, but your not quite seasoned at crowdfunding either. You're learning with us.

The B’s

Give $150

Donating $150 will go to cover the cost of a one-night stay where the conference is being held – the JW Marriot in San Antonio. The B’s are also known as the barracks. This is a service member’s home away from home, only it’s at work. Think of the hotel as the B’s for this conference except they have housekeeping… and a water park… and a golf course. It’s pretty much an Air Force dormitory.

Mandatory Fun

Give $200

This donation will pay the conference fee for one UW Tacoma student vet. Every veteran knows the pain of sitting through endless hours of power point presentations during a safety stand down, waiting to go home for the day. Death by power point, hooah! But, we’re actually going to have fun down there.

The B’s + Mandatory Fun

Give $350

This tier will get us a place to stay and the conference fee paid.

C-130 Rollin’ Down the ‘Strip

Give $400

Your $400 donation will help get one student vet a plane ticket down to San Antonio for the conference. We hear flying coach is much more comfortable than a C-130. Don’t worry, this trip is not one way. Our student vets are coming back… Because classes.

Get us to the rally point.

Give $550

Your $550 dollars will not only pay for the flight for a student veteran, but will help he or she get around once we’re down in San Antonio. Just picture yourself as the point man in a tactical formation. You have a compass and protractor to plot your route. Just don’t go all “lieutenant” and get us lost. Because you can’t spell lost without the LT.

Spend that deployment money.

Give $1,000

This tier will pay for all associated costs of the conference for one student. That’s flight, hotel, conference fee, and some money to help with getting around SA. We’ve seen it before – a soldier goes on his, or her, first deployment and drops cash on the most expensive ride they can find once they get home. It’s all good, though. You can take comfort in knowing this tier selection doesn’t come with a 30% interest rate.