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Who are we?

The Access Student Resource Group (ASRG), a Registered Student Organization (RSO), was formed to enhance the academic and social experience of Access students and to create opportunities for Access students to help the educational and service goals of the University and its greater community. Access students are non-matriculated students over 60 who audit classes under a Washington state program for senior citizens. ASRG members are lifelong learners.

Accomplishments and Goals

The ASRG provides a social network for sharing our experiences as Access students and for learning from one another. Last year we held several informal meetups and organized two programs with faculty speakers. Our members also enjoyed a tour of the UW Libraries’ Special Collections. We celebrated our inaugural year end with a picnic on the HUB lawn!

This academic year, we plan to continue our informal meetups, organize more faculty speakers, have another tour of the Special Collections, and provide more special programs and events. We welcome suggestions for events from our members.

Inaugural reception 2016

Summer picnic

Help ASRG succeed!

ASRG needs an operating budget. Our first year, funding came from a special grant from the University, which underwrote our inaugural reception, as well as from our board members. While extremely helpful, that money is not always available and the board has agreed that it should not be funding our program. This coming year we need a modest operating budget. 

Think about it Access students . . .

At our meetings, would you like some refreshments? Maybe we could occasionally get out of HUB 337? How about sponsoring more speakers on topics of interest to the Access student group? How about providing a thank you gift for our speakers? And we could sponsor a scholarship!

We want to show our appreciation to the University for providing us with such an outstanding opportunity for lifelong learning. In anticipation of this campaign’s success, we plan to fund a scholarship as a way to give back to the University.

Make an Impact

To kick off this campaign, a generous donor has agreed to match donations up to a total of $500. What a great start!

Alternative Payment Method:

The usual payment method for this kind of crowd sourcing is by credit card through a server.  However you can pay by check it you wish.  Send the check (made out to the University of Washington Foundation) to

University of Washington Foundation 

Attn: Tobin Eckholt
 4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
 Box 359505 

Seattle, WA 98195-9505 

Memo Line: On the memo line of the check, please note ASRG , followed by the words Crowdfunding Campaign. 

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Make an Impact


Give $10

A gift of this amount lets you show that you support this project!

Coffee Klatch

Give $25

Help us fund Meet-ups where Access students can congregate and enjoy refreshments.

Intellectual Pursuit

Give $50

Fund guest speakers and provide a functional meeting space! Purchase a thank-you gift for their efforts.


Give $100

Help fund an ASRG-sponsored scholarship

Pay it Forward

Give $150

Help us fund more efforts, such as the scholarship, to show the university how much we appreciate the wonderful opportunity we have been afforded.