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The UW Night Market is an annual event held by the Taiwanese Student Association on the University of Washington Seattle campus, on Red Square. This year will be our 17th year holding it since its creation in 2001. The attendance numbers have risen every year, and we need your help to meet the accommodations we need to meet to make this the safest and most enjoyable Night Market for everyone!

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A shot of the crowd on Red Square from previous years.

What is Night Market?

Night markets (夜市) are a big part of Taiwanese culture! They're bright and vibrant street markets that open after dark and offer all sorts of things -- food, clothing, massages, games, and gadgets! People of all ages gather in night markets to play games and grab some delicious food. You haven't really experienced Taiwan until you've been to a night market!

The UW Night Market is our rendition of a Taiwanese night market, brought to life in Seattle! Because the Taiwanese Student Association is passionate about bringing Taiwanese culture to Seattle, we try to bring the most authentic night market experience as possible. Last year, we hit a record in food vendors, and also had entertainment and games going on throughout the evening. We're working to expand Night Market even further and sell various knick-knacks, as well as improve the condition of Night Market to make it more professional and enjoyable for everyone.

Some of the delicious traditional Taiwanese night market foods thatwere sold at previous UW Night Markets.

Why do we need your help?

Night Market is a huge event that grows incredibly fast. Last year, we had an attendance of 7,000 people, and we expect the crowd to grow. As the attendance grows, so does our need for accommodations. We need your help to expand Night Market so it's not as crowded, and more safe for everyone. With great events comes great responsibility -- and we are required by the school and by law that we follow certain regulations. For Night Market, that includes hiring security personnel, buying fire safety equipment, providing first aid stations for accidents, and more.

The amazing crowdsupporting our artists on stage!

Two amazing performersat last year’s UW Night Market

Our lovely staff atthe TSA game booths!


Facilities: ~$30,000

Entertainment: ~$4,500

TSA Booth: ~$2,000

Selling, General & Administrative Cost: ~$5,500



Left to right:

A volunteer with our TSA mascot - Bobo theBubble Tea;

Taiwanese food stand photobooth from previous years;

UW Night Market 2016  poster design

A volunteer with our “ThirdPrince” mascot

Our lovely Night Market staff (TSA officers)from previous years!

Brochures from UW Night Market2015


Help us reach our goal and make UW Night Market 2017 a bigger and better event for everyone! 

Traditional black tea and steamed stickyrice dumplings from our vendors.

Part oflast year's amazing staff crew!

TSA film crew for the OfficialUW Night Market 2017 trailer.

Watch ithere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrNJEkqcPsM

Want to learn more about us? Meet the Team!

Thank you for your generous support!

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Bubble Tea Fan

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Thank you for showing your support. Every gift counts and we are really glad for you to be a part of UW Night Market this year.

Fuel us

Give $25

Your gift will help fuel 2 officers' meals to provide them with the energy to work throughout the day of the event, from 7am to 2am the next day.

I Can't Wait!

Give $50

Your gift will help us bring more honey buckets and hand washing stations onto the expanding Quad area to serve the growing attendees.

Keep it Green

Give $100

Your gift will help us bring more trash and recycling bins onto campus, and help raise awareness of the importance of recycling in an event that produces a lot of waste like this. Thank you for keeping the Earth clean and green with us!

Picnic Tables

Give $250

Your gift of $250 will help us bring seating areas for friends and families on the expanded Quad area. With the new tables and chairs, you will be able to sit down and enjoy your food under the cherry blossom trees.

Authentic Taiwanese 100%

Give $500

Help us order and transport our signature authentic Taiwanese sausages straight from Los Angeles! This is a traditional Taiwanese delicacy that TSA serves every year at our booth, and it's always a crowd favorite.

Deluxe Fan Package

Give $1,000

Help us bring our entertainment headliners, Andrew Garcia to Lions Ambition, to UW campus! With your help, we will be able to pay for their lodging and plane tickets to Seattle, and bring your favorite artists to life.

Night Market Star

Give $2,500

This amount covers our costs for a brand new stage that we can provide for our entertainment. The new stage will have a more stable platform, better lighting and sound systems to bring you an exceptional experience for Night Market this year.