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This campaign will allow us to run our annual First Nations Powwow, an event instrumental to the retention of Native American students at the University of Washington.

I came to my first UW First Nations Powwow during my freshman year of college. I am now in my senior year and have been able to see how the powwow has encouraged our Native students to become more involved by creating an inclusive space that feels like home. Every year we do our best to put on a successful event that both showcases our cultures but also welcomes Native students and families to the UW campus. The event creates community and unity among our students and outside organizations. 

Please take part in supporting our students and our community through this campaign, I hope to see you there!


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This campaign ended on Monday, Apr. 3, 2017


Powwow Purpose

The purpose of the Annual FN@UW Spring Powwow is to preserve the customs and traditions of the University of Washington Native American community and to promote cultural education and diversity on campus. FN@UW believes in creating a safe space for community gathering and cultural celebration. Our student group hosts the largest student- run event on campus, attracting thousands of both Native and non-Native community members.


Student Life

FN@UW is ran by both undergraduate andgraduate students of Native and Non-Native descent. We hold weekly meetings for Native students to socialize, eat food, and plan events. FN@UW often partners up with other Native organizations on campus for field trips and cultural educational activities. Our goal is to create a comfortable space for students and staff to bond, and offer cultural activities.


Operating the Annual Powwow requires expansive manpower to organize and over $60,000 in financial support. Your generous donation will be used for the purchase of honorariums for the head staff involved in the event, venue expenses, and ancillary expenses related to promotion or the event. We would greatly appreciate your support.

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