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Hello, thanks for taking time to view this campaign to help the UW Tennis Club make it to Nationals!

As a beginner at tennis, this club has allowed me to continue to improve as a player while gaining valuable connections to people who share similar interests as myself. While only having been in the club for a year and a half, it has become an important part of my life and recently fellow club members played in the Sectional tournament against many of the best club teams in the Northwest. Our club managed to win the entire tournament, giving us a seat at the National tournament in April. I hope to give our club a chance to attend the tournament, compete against teams across the nation, and create unforgettable experiences.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you consider supporting our club on our way to Nationals!


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Who are we?

Husky Tennis Club is the University of Washington's premier athletic club for all tennis enthusiasts - undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff! We organize practices three times a week for all members, as well as quarterly events such as our annual Fall Fling or Mixed Doubles BBQ. Additionally, we also organize travel tournaments for our more competitive members. We compete all around the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon, Washington, and even Canada!

What are we fundraising for?

This year we attended the Tennis On Campus Pacific Northwest Championships in Tualatin Hills, OR, and out of 27 teams, we emerged victorious! This win qualified us for the Tennis On Campus Nationals Tournament, the goal of our fundraiser.

Where is this tournament being held?

This year's Nationals will be held at USTA's brand new National Headquarters in Orlando, FL. We hope to raise enough money to give us a chance to compete against the best North American college club teams at this beautiful 100 court facility.

Budget Breakdown

Our projected costs can be seen above. The $8000 we hope to raise will go towards the cost of travel, board, and play.

When is the tournament?

USTA's Tennis On Campus Nationals tournament will be held from April 13-15. Consequently we hope to raise enough money by the second week of April.

Why should you donate?

In addition to being some of the most passionate tennis players in the country, our travel team this year is one of the strongest in this club's 15+ year history. We put in the time and effort to hone our skills week after week, and after having conquered the Pacific Northwest Region at the Sectionals tournament, we would like to test our mettle against the finest college club teams North America has to offer. Your donation can help make our dream of attending Nationals come true!

UW Husky Tennis Club Chipotle Fundraiser! 

  Published on Monday, Mar. 27, 2017 at 03:46 AM (PDT)

Essentially, between 3:00pm-9:00pm on Tuesday March 28th only, at the University Way Chipotle location (4229 University Way NE, Seattle, WA), if Chipotle customers at this specific location show our displayed Chipotle digital flyer or just mention "UW Husky Tennis Club" at checkout, our Club will receive 50% of these proceeds! Any support would be much appreciated!

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Make an Impact

I Would Walk 500 Miles...

Give $20

A gift of this amount will pay for a one-way trip via Uber for the team's travel accommodations between the hotel and the venue, or vice versa, which will eliminate our need to walk a great distance between specified locations.

No Member Left Behind

Give $50

A gift of this amount will help cover the team's transportation accommodations for the day while in Orlando, while managing to leave no team member behind.

Shelter From the Rain

Give $100

A gift of this amount will pay for one member's lodging fee for the night, to ensure a restful nights sleep for a lucky team member.

No Strings Attached

Give $500

A gift of this amount will cover the tournament entry fee as well as cover all stringing costs for all team member's rackets throughout the duration of the tournament.

Commuting Coast to Coast

Give $1,000

A gift of this amount will provide round-trip airfare for one and a half people on our team!

Tennis For Life

Give $2,000

A gift of this amount will provide round-trip airfare for 3 of our team members! -For this donation, you will be dubbed a lifetime member of our Husky Tennis Club, able to join any practice or event!


Give $5,000

A gift of this amount will cover airfare for two-thirds of our entire team! -For this donation, we will rename one of our two yearly major events after a name of your choice (e.g. Brian Hou’s One-night Fall Fling, Brian Hou’s Hand-Tossed Mixed Doubles BBQ). Furthermore, we will personally send you live updates of our progress daily and provide you with video footage from the day's matches.