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Help Tent City Collective reach its fundraising goal and allow TC3 to afford its stay at the UW this winter!

As a member of this city's community, I greatly value my opportunity to work with TC3. Seattle has talked a great deal this year about people experiencing houseless-ness but more talk does not mean more action. Tent City has been an asset to our community here at the university district and we would like to return the favor. All of TC3's stays are self funded through donations like yours. This winter's stay at UW will be more costly than expected, but with your help we would like to alleviate those costs. Your donations will help cover the expenses for use of university space, waste management, and the upkeep and usage of showers for the camp. 

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This campaign ended on Sunday, Apr. 2, 2017

Who We Are

Tent City 3, one of Seattle’s authorized encampment of about 100 people, is coming to the University of Washington-Seattle this winter!

TC3 has been authorized to move into UW's Parking Lot W-35 on December 17th and stay until March 18th. Now, we need your help to welcome our new neighbors!

What We Do

Tent City Collective is a group of UW students, Tent City 3 residents, and greater Seattle community members. Our mission is to end homelessness in Seattle. We envision a unified city, where solutions to the housing crisis are informed by the experiences and opinions of people who have experienced homelessness.

Why Your Donation Matters

TC3 is funded through donations like yours. This winter's stay at UW was more expensive than expected, so with your help we would like to lift the burden on TC3 by raising money for a month of garbage disposal (~$830), and for a few months of Honey Bucket use (~$3300). These two utilities are critical for TC3 to continue functioning!

Finally, we are trying to raise money for a new generator for TC3. There is no electricity at their new site, so this is especially important! We are looking to buy a 7000 watt Honda Whisper for $2400. We want to give TC3 a parting gift that will keep the entire camp running.

Join Us!

We believe that encampments are an important solution to homelessness in Seattle. By helping resource TC3’s stay at UW, you can be a part of the solution.

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Make an Impact

Anything helps!

Give $5

Don't have much to give? No problem! Small donations add up. In the long run, your $1, $2, or $5 donation will be worth much more than a cup of coffee.

Seattle Garbage Account

Give $25

A $25 donation could cover the cost of having a garbage account with the city of Seattle.

Trash disposal

Give $50

Your $50 donation could help TC3 cover the basics, by bringing TC3 *that much* closer to paying for a ~$250/week garbage disposal fee!

Keep TC3's toilets running!

Give $80

Your donation could help keep TC3’s toilets running! TC3’s Honey Buckets are emptied around 2-3 times every week -- a highly important utility that costs about $80/week.