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Our Story:

The Hyperloop System

What started as a brainchild of innovator Elon Musk, Hyperloop has grown to become a worldwide race to engineer and manufacture the fifth mode of transportation. The Hyperloop technology promises increased: speed, efficiency, and convenience to a stagnant transportation market.  It is hypothesized that such a technology could transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes or Seattle to Vancouver in twelve.  Hyperloop provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional forms of travel.  As cities expand and natural resources diminish, a technology like the Hyperloop becomes a future necessity.

The SpaceX Competition

Tremendous interest in the technology has spawned a competition, hosted by SpaceX, to determine who can: design, test, and build the best hyperloop pod. Teams from around the world have formed to tackle this great engineering challenge. Of the 1200 teams to apply, we placed top 15, secured a spot in the California build competition, and won the best safety category.  We are currently in the process of constructing our pod and need your help!

Our Team

The University of Washington Hyperloop team is comprised of over 35 members with varying skills and backgrounds.  Each of us driven by a common passion and ambition to manufacture the best prototype possible.  Our team covers a wide range of disciplines including: engineering, applied and social sciences, business, design, and more.  We are ever expanding and alway welcoming new, passionate people to our community to change the future.

Help Us Win!

To win the competition, we are hoping to raise an additional $30,000.  With the additional funding we hope to purchase more composite materials, faster actuators, and more robust tools and equipment.  By supporting us, you are letting the engineering community know that you support: innovation, cutting-edge technology, and the next generation of engineers who are going to change the world.

Our Legacy

SpaceX plans to hold this competition bi-annually.  We plan to not only participate in each competition, but also to win!  Be a part of our ever expanding engineering community as we tackle some of the hardest and most challenging problems that face our current society.  By contributing to our team, you are contributing to our future goals and success!


https://www.me.washington.edu/files/news/MEssenger/docs/MEssenger_Autumn16.pdf (page 3)






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Make an Impact

Wire set

Give $10

Without wires, the pod would be unable to function. Although they're one of the cheaper components, they're necessary in abundance to continue development of our prototype.

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

Give $50

These versatile programming kits are essential to our team's ability to program the pod to operate safely and effectively.

Linear Bearings

Give $100

These are the guidance mechanisms that allow our brakes to function correctly under high stress and unexpected forces.

Battery components

Give $160

The Lithium-Ion battery used in our prototype is another innovation that makes Hyperloop technology as sustainable as it is fast.


Give $250

A new microprocessor would increase the efficiency of the pod, allowing it to perform at more sustainable and effective levels than are currently achievable with the technology available to the team.

Name the Dummy

Give $500

Although our dedicated team works long hours to ensure the success of our prototype, the most dedication is shown from the test dummy brave enough to ride in our pod during our competition testing. For this donation, you will have the privilege to give it a name. (Limit: 1)

Fund the Shell

Give $500

For higher donors, we will send you a miniature 3D printed version of our pod's shell! (Limit: 4)

130 Magnets

Give $1,000

The driving force behind the levitation and braking of the prototype, these magnets take us from 0-100 miles per hours, and then back to 0 quickly and safely.

Send the Prototype to California

Give $1,500

Weighing in at almost 600 pounds, transporting the prototype to this year's competition is no easy task. However, bringing the pod to California allows us to test our prototype on a real track, gain feedback, and show off our progress to other teams from across the world.


Give $2,000

The actuator is the driving force that allows our brakes to engage and slow down the pod. Having an advanced actuator gives us more control over the speeds, and makes for an overall safer prototype. (Limit: 1)

Name the Pod

Give $5,000

For those willing to donate $5,000 to our cause, we will engrave your name/a name of your choice on the side of our completed prototype for ensuring our continued success in our upcoming competition, as well as many in the future. (Limit: 1)