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Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS)
I-LABS is the world’s leading interdisciplinary center dedicated to discovering fundamental principles of human learning. In addition to generating groundbreaking research, I-LABS applies brain-imaging technology to explain learning and human connection, focusing on ages birth to five.

I-LABS' Outreach team, consisting of PhD scientists, translates the latest science of child development and puts it in the hands of those who can put it into practice - parents, educators, caregivers, community leaders, and legislators.

Bill Henningsgaard Brain Studio

I-LABS is renovating an underutilized auditorium in the Portage Bay Building into a state-of-the-art facility for unprecedented scientific collaboration. The 3,000 square foot renovation will include a high-tech Brain Studio featuring a sophisticated video wall, work areas, offices for researchers, and meeting spaces on two levels. 

Essentially, it will complete the dream of combining first-in-the-world brain scans (through MEG and other tools) with groundbreaking brain analysis tools. The result will expand the analysis possibilities for ongoing I-LABS studies in such areas as bilingualism, music/rhythm and the brain, dyslexia and reading readiness, “brain biomarkers” for developmental disorders, social-emotional learning, STEM learning, and influences of cultural stereotypes on early learning. 

Impact of Bill Henningsgaard at I-LABS

In 2006, Bill quickly became engaged in Drs. Kuhl and Meltzoff’s vision to impact every child’s ability to reach their full learning potential. Bill worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Drs. Kuhl and Meltzoff to leverage the scientific research of I-LABS, and expand the institute’s reach as a global leader of early childhood learning.

It was Bill who, ten years ago, co-founded the I-LABS Advisory Board, and recruited key community leaders who also held deep interests in early childhood learning. Bill was a key advocate for I-LABS’ successful bid to secure initial grant funding for a magnetoencephalography (MEG) brain-imaging machine. The machine was a game-changer for I-LABS, opening pathways for extraordinary research, and enabling the recruitment of world-class scientists and outreach specialists.

It was also Bill who drove the momentum to build an outreach arm for I-LABS to translate the groundbreaking research into practical, accessible formats, and place it in the hands of caregivers, legislative leaders, and everyday parents from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Without the Advisory Board, I-LABS would not be where it is today. The Brain Studio will honor Bill's legacy.


"It is rare, perhaps once in a lifetime, that you meet a fellow traveler with a soft heart, a razor-sharp mind and a soul that touches all those lucky enough to know Bill."

– Drs. Andrew Meltzoff & Patricia Kuhl, I-LABS Founding Directors

Questions about your contribution? Contact: Julie Koo, Associate Director of Advancement, I-LABS, juliekoo@uw.edu, 206-685-8098

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