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It is an honor to work with this team, making history as the first American team to actually go to this competition is pretty exciting!

It's just fun working with this team. Seeing how passionate they are about this project makes me respect them even more. I became involved with project when I heard they needed a video director. I went and met with Beck, a really great guy and he got me no board with this project. Ever since then I have had fun making the video and working with the video editor, Jake who has done a phenomenal job!

I hope you guys enjoy this campaign and with your help we have a chance of winning!


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This campaign ended on Sunday, May. 29, 2016


Demonstrate the power of a diverse robotics team. 


We are the University of Washington (UW) RoboMasters team. This is our first year being invited to participate in RoboMasters, a fast growing robotics competition held in Shenzhen, China, organized by a world leading drone company DJI. Only the second year of this competition, it already attracts 216 college teams across Asia. We are a collaborative group of engineering students with backgrounds ranging from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, to Physics and Human Centered Design and Engineering. Together we design, build, and test seven robots from scratch. This competition poses an incredible design challenges that push us as engineering students to apply our studies and inspires us to come up with creative solutions.

In addition, as a team made up of most engineering majors, the UW RoboMasters team performs a very important social function by both introducing interested students to the engineering fields and forming a community of peers within the team.

DJI has provided us with the parts necessary to compete. UW CoMotion department and UW Electrical Engineering has pledged funding after our crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately, purchasing the necessary parts and traveling to the competition arena incurs additional costs. We are developing the robots, now we need your help to make them better and go to the competition!


Project Goals

  • Enhance Engineering and Leadership Experience
  • Enrich Intercultural Knowledge and Experience
  • Build Competitive well designed robots
  • Represent UW and USA as the first USA team in the competition

  • Have fun and work collaboratively amongst different disciplines

Making of the Robots


  • Designing the models and structure
  • 3D Printing the par
  • Manufacturing the metal components
  • Assembling the robots
  • Developing and implementing controls, embedded systems, and computer vision
  • Integrating and testing the entire robot system
  • Drafting structure and reinforcing plans

The first stage is to design the models and structure of the robots. We measured, drew 3D models and designed metal cuttings. Meanwhile, we started to develop and implement the controls, embedded systems, and computer vision concepts to achieve feedback controls, automatous aiming, targeting, and shooting. The goal of these is to control robots remotely to move in all four directions and to automatically target and shoot golf balls up to 65 feet away with an accuracy within a 31.5 inch diameter circle. While we were designing the outer structures, we entered the manufacturing phase. We went to the steel factories to cut the steels and 3D printed necessary parts. When most of the components were ready, we began to assembly the entire robot together. On the programming side, after we implemented each subsystem, we were to enter a phase of integrating the entire system in code. This phase is centered on one of the most important phases in our development process. Currently, we are still in the development process. However, we did encounter problems and constricts in this process. Some of the problems are shooting speed, shot frequency, power, and bullet load. Our proposed design for this robot involves an Arduino programing board, an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Computer Vision board, and a STM32 trapezoid board. Each of these boards will be running separate programs that need to communicate with each other. This year, we were lucky to get the most advanced drone Matrice 100 and we would use it for detecting purpose. We are excited to be working on a project that involves problems in so many areas of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. The entire development process is an incredible learning experience because it provides students with an opportunity to work with industrial level equipment and troubleshoot different engineering issues that arise. Following placing day, the team spends roughly two months patching, sanding, and staining the canoe. We are going to create a future of science and technology. We also believe that future of possible lie in our hands. After 9 months of preparation, here we are!


Cost Breakdown

The expenses required to attend the RoboMasters competition are significant. Fortunately, the DJI have promised to contribute additional funds to help offset some of these costs. In addition, we got the support from University of Washington CoMotion that they will match the amount we got from USEED up to $7500. For example, if we get $2000 from USEED platform, then they will match another $2000; if we obtain $8000 from USEED platform, CoMotion will match another $7500. The primary costs of $15000 are included in the graph below:



We took great pride in the work we have done this year on the UW RoboMasters team.  Beyond developing a great set of robots, we have also gained invaluable experience and priceless skills that will smooth our transitions from a student in college to an engineer in reality. Now we want to continue this learning process by developing more advanced systems and traveling to Shenzhen, China in August. If it were just a matter of keen minds and diligent man-hours, we would already be at the top.  But, as with any great endeavor, monetary investment is required. We sincerely appreciate any support that you can offer our team and thank those that have helped us get where we are today. Go Dawgs!

Help UW RoboMasters Launch into the Future!

This is a great opportunity for students to participate in robotics development, and we would like you to be a part of it. Follow our progress on Facebook, and we will recognize donors proudly through our donors list, on social media! Thank you for taking time to take a look at our initiative, and we hope that you will join us in supporting the next generation of qualified engineers!

Major Sponsors for the UW RoboMasters:

DJI Inc.

University of Washington CoMotion

University of Washington Electrical Engineering Department

A Thank you from Beck! 

  Published on Friday, May. 13, 2016 at 12:18 AM (PDT)

Half-way There! 

  Published on Tuesday, May. 3, 2016 at 11:10 PM (PDT)

Hey everyone, we are half way there in reaching our goal of $5,000! Our captain, Beck has a message for you all as well as an update on one of the Robots! Please keep sharing this campaign with your friends and your family members so that we can reach our goal!

Robots Updates  

  Published on Saturday, Apr. 30, 2016 at 11:37 PM (PDT)

We now have the turret firing, computer vision is able to binarize objects on the embedded platform Nividia TX1 using a ZED Stereo camera. We were also able get the robot turret to rotate. We also have two chassis , one of which is almost completed and the other is a work in progress!

Campaign Launch! 

  Published on Friday, Apr. 29, 2016 at 07:05 PM (PDT)

We are so excited to be officially launching our USEED Campaign! Visit our page to follow our progress as we build, test, and compete in Shenzhen, China! 

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Make an Impact

Screws and Basics

Give $5

With your support, we will be able to purchase 5 screws and other equivalent basics which will make up our robots. We need them!

Hydrogen Bond

Give $10

The bond that change the climate


Give $25

The cells shaped a human being


Give $50

The gene tells your belief

Field Test Support

Give $100

Enables us to perform more robot and drone field test with better sensors, relable external structure, and robost armor.


Give $200

Helium-3 is gas that has the potential to be used as a fuel in future nuclear fusion power plants. Your sponsorship can be used as a fuel in our future success.

Laser On

Give $500

Our enemy will see that warning when our master tool laser scanner is on.

Godfather II

Give $1,000

You are about to make a huge sponsorship on this team, and godfather one of our robot. You could name one of robot, and pick a gender for it. We will send seven robots to Shenzhen, China, and six will show up in the field. Be the first six people to be the Michael Corleone of our robots.