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Help UW Circle K attend CKIx!

The University of Washington Circle K is looking to raise $5,000 to help pay the costs associated with attending the convention - CKIx:
  • Participate in the Large Scale Service Project!
  • Learn leadership skills!
  • Celebrate the success of service of the past year!
  • Meet and share ideas with other Kiwanis family members!

What is Circle K?

Circle K is the world's oldest and largest collegiate service leadership organization, with over 12,000 members in over 600 clubs at universities around the world! CKI is sponsored by Kiwanis International, and provides service opportunities and leadership experiences to students across the globe! Through CKI, students focus on three main tenants that guide the organization, leadership, fellowship, and service!

What we do


Each month, the UW Circle K Club volunteers hundreds of hours to the local community around the Greater Seattle Area. From serving the less fortunate at the local food bank and soup kitchen to writing Valentine's Days Cards for Seattle Children's Hospital, Circle K is there to help. Members are free to choose from a variety of unique and rewarding events to dedicate their time to. During the 2014-15 school year, the club had over 1,413 hours of service to the community! Already this year, we've had 1,628 hours of service!


Each member has the opportunity to get involved in a multitude of leadership roles and chair positions. Membership is all-inclusive; anyone who is willing to work hard and make valuable connections and memories is free to join. Members have the opportunity to run for a chair position within the club, or to run for President of the club. Members can also choose to join the District Board to guide clubs around the Pacific Northwest, and for the extremely ambitious, leadership at the international level!


Membership is not restricted to anyone! As a result, CKI has tons of members from a wide variety of majors; students are able to come together bounded by their passion for service, regardless if they are interested in biology, math, business, art, or any discipline. This puts Circle K in the unique opportunity to build on each others strengths! With thousands of clubs across the US and globally, students can meet and build meaningful relationships from people all over the world.


At CKIx, the Circle K Members will have the opportunity to grow as leaders, bring new service ideas back to their home club, and meet other Circle K members! This will be an amazing opportunity for the entire UW Circle K Team. 

The collegiate years are the crossroads of life--time to choose a path and follow a passion. It's the time to make a difference in the world. By giving back to others, Circle K International (CKI) members learn skills they need to become the next generation of community-minded leaders. It's filled with energetic, passionate and driven young adults who have the power to make a significant impact on the world.

Large Scale Service Project

Unique to the International Convention, members of all different organizations and clubs under the Kiwanis family make a commitment to leave the town in better shape than when we arrived. Over 20 different service projects are currently planned within Indianapolis, such as rebuilding the Hawthorne Community Center, neighborhood clean-ups, and creating a 'Kiwanis 100' Park for children!

Our club members gain so much from the LSSP:
  • Work with others dedicated to service, who come from different backgrounds and ages all over the world
  • Serve communities better, on a broader scale
  • Share ideas and experiences 
  • Give back to the city that hosts us

100th Anniversary

Kiwanis International is Circle K's parent organization. And this year, Kiwanis is celebrating a VERY special birthday! In 1915, the first Kiwanis Club was chartered in Detroit, Mich., and now, Kiwanis is celebrating their 100th Birthday! As a result, all of the different Kiwanis Family Branches are coming together to celebrate their amazing year of service:
  • Kiwanis International - Adults
  • Circle K International - College Students
  • Key Club International - High School Students
  • Aktion Club - Adults with Disabilities
  • Builder's Club - Middle School Students
  • K-Kids - Elementary School Students
The Circle K International Convention will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana from June 23-June 28! This amazing city is home to Kiwanis International Headquarters, and will be a wonderful host for their Centennial Birthday!

Thank you for your donation to the University of Washington Circle K Club!

Last Day! 

  Published on Wednesday, Jun. 10, 2015 at 06:25 PM (PDT)
We're finally on the last day of our campaign, and we'd like to take this chance to thank all of our supporters. To everyone who donated, shared our page with friends and family, and cheered us on, a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much for following our journey through this campaign and making this incredible thing possible for us. We're currently planning out the logistics for the trip at the moment and couldn't be more excited to go to ICON, one of the largest fundraising events in the U.S. It means a lot to us that our club has the support of so many wonderful people and we hope that you'll follow us towards whatever's ahead of us in the future. 
Circle K International @ UW


  Published on Sunday, May. 24, 2015 at 03:50 AM (PDT)
It's been a busy first couple of weeks since our campaign went live. We've been closely monitoring our campaign's progress and trying to reach out to more communities and thanking all of our amazing supporters; you guys are the best. We recently received a very large contribution from our parent organization and we're well on our way to completing our goal. We had a technical hiccup on our first launch, so we're sending out a second wave of launch emails; Please continue to share our campaign and our story with your loved ones. 
Have a great long weekend and Memorial Day :)
Best, CKI

New Update 

  Published on Wednesday, May. 20, 2015 at 03:18 AM (PDT)
Story from a member: "I had actually never done much volunteering of any kind before Circle K. If asked as an incoming freshman if I was interested in serving soup at our local soup kitchen or doing a garbage clean up on campus, I would have answered with a resounding no. But, my roommate asked me if I wanted to go to a random club meeting with her, and being bored I said yes. The next thing I knew, I was signed up to volunteer at a local food bank that provided groceries for people in need. So, somewhat disgruntledly I went; thinking I would just go to this one event and never go back to the club. I had more important things to do, such as homework after all.
Upon arrival at the food bank, I was immediately drafted to help people check out in the front. I bagged groceries and restocked shelves for two hours. People lined up outside the door, some waiting an hour before they could come inside. There were families, old people, and young people from every background, religion, and race I would imagine. I remember bringing out a box of Oreo packaging to put on one of the shelves, and a woman got so excited. She talked about how much her children loved them, but she was never able to buy them Oreos. I was shocked that something as small as a box of Oreos could be a high point of someone’s day.
I handed them to her, and I think that was the moment. It was the moment I first felt what it was like to be a volunteer. When I volunteer I feel like I am the person I was meant to become. That is the beauty of this club, everyone comes, and it doesn’t matter if you volunteered before or how many volunteer hours you can get. Everyone puts in what time and energy they can, and I think it really does change the world no matter how small the actions."


  Published on Tuesday, May. 19, 2015 at 07:21 AM (PDT)
We're on our second week of our campaign and we hope you've been able to share our campaign with friends and family. More to come later this week :)


  Published on Monday, May. 11, 2015 at 05:53 PM (PDT)
Today is the first day that our campaign is live! Share our page with friends and family! 
Here's a snippet from the clothing drive we did for the Seattle Union Gospel Mission last Saturday:

Brian Sowards

Gave $50.00

Pam and Kaylie La Follette/Whitmore

Gave $25.00

Vu Cao

Gave $10.00

Thomas Harris

Gave $25.00

Judy Callahan

Gave $50.00

Robert Steines

Gave $500.00

Jackie Sue McFarlin

Gave $50.00

Kari Callahan

Gave $10.00

Camille Greene

Gave $25.00

Dennis King

Gave $50.00

Sandra Hughes

Gave $100.00

University Kiwanis

Gave $2,700.00

Judy Callahan

Gave $50.00

Dano beal

Gave $25.00

Diane Brothers

Gave $125.00

yeonsuk kim

Gave $100.00


Gave $25.00

Phyllis Goldhammer

Gave $25.00

Patricia Downey

Gave $25.00

Finn Hiatt

Gave $5.00

Matthew Racz

Gave $5.00

6 supporters have chosen not to be listed for "UW CKI: Leadership, Community Service, and Making History".

Make an Impact


Give $5

Donate this and allow a club member to get to meet another person dedicated to volunteering and share memories of their service experience!

Fuel to Serve!

Give $25

This will help provide meals for one Circle Ker during CKIx! Provides the energy to build a playground (or maybe two!).

Name Tag!

Give $50

Give this, and allow a Circle K member to get going towards getting registered for the event!

Earning Energy!

Give $125

Giving this will provide lodging for four students during ICON! Will allow those tired muscles to prepare for the next day's work!

Leading the Charge!

Give $250

Allow members to take advantage of all the amazing leadership opportunities that are available, including leadership workshops and voting for upcoming international officers.

Wheels on the Ground!

Give $500

Allow a Circle K Member to get to the convention and begin serving their community and growing as a leader!

Love of Service!

Give $1,000

Allow one student the whole experience, from beginning to end! Including the Large Scale Service Project, Leadership Forums, and Fellowship activities! Thank you!

Soaring to New Heights

Give $2,500

This would cover airfare for five members to experience, learn, and grow at Circle K Intentional Convention!