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Help UW DBF reach new heights!

Design, Build, Fly at the University of Washington (DBF) is a group of students that designs, constructs, tests, and flies a mission-specific, electric-powered, remote-controlled airplane for competition. We put our engineering skills to the test by combining what we learn in the classroom with hands-on experience. We are raising $5,000 in order to acquire the necessary testing systems, tools, and machinery that will help us build more advanced airplanes, take our team to new heights, and allow us to practice real world engineering.

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DBF is competing in the 19th Annual AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Foundation, Cessna Aircraft Company, and Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona. To keep things interesting, the mission requirements change from year to year. At this year’s competition, our airplane will be performing four missions: a payload loading time trial, a ferry flight, a sensor package transport mission, and a sensor drop mission. The fourth mission is the most unique as it requires our airplane to drop sensors, represented by wiffle balls, into a designated drop zone.

How will my support help UW DBF?

$5000 Budget Breakdown

Prior to the construction of a competition airplane, prototypes are built and flown in order to observe how individual features, such as the airfoil, empennage design, motor arrangement, etc., affect the airplane’s overall performance. The data from these test flights is then analyzed so that it can be applied to the next prototype.

With more accurate data, a winning competition airplane can be built. However, such data requires (a) comprehensive systems with multiple sensors which collect the data, and (b) multiple prototypes which, with current construction techniques, take a great deal of time to build.

With new machinery, such as a computer-controlled wire cutter, our team will be able to fabricate aircraft parts more accurately and duplicate them more precisely. Such machinery allows us to manufacture more prototypes.

Additionally, new testing equipment, such as an onboard telemetry system, will allow us to collect valuable dynamic data during test flights. We want our work to represent what engineers do in the real world. This equipment enables us to practice real world engineering, as aviation firms have whole divisions dedicated to constructing and testing many prototypes intricately wired with sensors. It guarantees that they can build the optimal airplane, which is what we want to do as well.

With your support, our team will be able to acquire the necessary testing systems, tools, and machinery that will allow us to practice real world engineering and see our creations take flight.

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What makes UW DBF so unique?

Our group is neither a prerequisite to get into a major nor a requirement to graduate; it is neither an official class nor a senior capstone project, and doesn’t have dedicated funding. We are a student-run club composed of students from all backgrounds who simply share a passion for the skies. We volunteer our time and energy to do this because it is what we love to do.

That being said, we are more than just nerds who love math, science, and engineering. We are the under-Dawgs and are proud to represent the University of Washington and Seattle at the Design/Build/Fly Competition!

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Come along for the ride!

This is a great opportunity for students to put their engineering skills to the test and practice aircraft development, and we would like you to be a part of it! Everybody is invited to follow our current progress on our Facebook page, where we will be sharing what we’re up to prior to, during, and after the competition. We will proudly recognize donors through our donors list, on social media, and on the competition airplane itself. Please join us in supporting the next generation of aeronautical engineers!

New Update

  Published on Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015 at 04:57 AM (PDT)

While the campaign is off to a great start, the team has been working tirelessly to complete our final model. Over the weekend, perforations were added to the fuselage (to save weight), and the dropping mechanism was integrated to the bottom of the plane. By tomorrow, the flight systems will be added, the plane will be coated in a skin, and ground testing will begin! We cannot wait to show off this incredible aircraft in Tucson this weekend!

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Make an Impact

Preflight Checklist

Give $5

Purchases a servo, allowing us to control our aircraft’s pitch, roll, or yaw. You receive a personal thanks from the DBF team!

Engine Startup

Give $25

Allows us to connect the circuitry for our aircraft’s controls, battery, and motor(s) together with a soldering iron. You receive a personal thanks from the DBF team!

Taxi and Hold

Give $50

Gives us the ability to find the optimal propeller/motor combination with the acquisition of a thrust stand. We recognize your support with a personalized shoutout on Facebook!

Cleared for Takeoff

Give $75

Purchases a motor, providing our aircraft with the thrust it needs to take to the skies. We recognize your support with a personalized shoutout on Facebook!

V1 (Committed to Takeoff)

Give $100

Allows us to perform more test flights with a modern battery charger that charges, balances, discharges, and cycles our batteries. We recognize your support with a personalized shoutout on Facebook and name you as one of DBF’s bronze sponsors!

Rotate (Nose Up)

Give $150

Gives us the ability to obtain CNC router software, allowing us to program and control fabrication machinery with our computers. We recognize your support with a personalized shoutout on Facebook and name you as one of DBF’s silver sponsors!

V2 (Gaining Altitude)

Give $500

Purchases a telemetry system which gives us comprehensive inflight data such as airspeed, altitude, and motor RPM. We recognize your support with a personalized shoutout on Facebook, name you as one of DBF’s gold sponsors, and display your name or company logo on the competition aircraft!

Positive Rate, Gear Up!

Give $1,000

Allows us to acquire an automated hot wire cutter which will cut perfect wings, horizontal stabilizers, and vertical stabilizers out of foam for our aircraft. We recognize your support with a personalized shoutout on Facebook, name you as one of DBF’s platinum sponsors, and display both your name and company logo on the competition aircraft!