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Husky Robotics Team

We are raising money for parts and supplies to build a Mars rover.  We provide a hands-on, educational experience to all students, regardless of background, major, or skill-set.

The University Rover Challenge

We are competing in the University Rover Challenge (URC) which is an annual competition hosted by the Mars Society in Hanksville, Utah.  Teams come from all around the world.
  This year's competition will feature 23 teams from Canada, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Poland and the United States. For more information, visit the Mars Society's website.

Teams design and build a rover capable of completing tasks similar to what would be required by a future colony on Mars.  Tasks vary from analysis of soil samples to traversal of rocky terrain.  Follow the link for a technical description of our rover HAL.

Previous Years Success

This is our third year competing and the second year with a tank design.  Last year we placed 15th out of 32 teams.  We learned how to deal with unforeseen circumstances and work as a team in a high stress environment. Over the past year our membership has expanded from 10 to over 50, providing mechanical, electrical, computer, and aerospace education to students.


Our club also offers workshops that teach students the skills they need to thrive in robotics, engineering, and in life.  These workshops allow students to become well rounded engineers with experience in a variety of disciplines.

Hear From Some of Our Team Members

  • " I joined the robotics club because I wanted to learn what engineering was all about, and I really hadn’t gotten a good sense of that outside the classrooms. Here, we get to see what a real robot looks like, how to work as a team to accomplish end goals and what it means to be like a mechanical engineer, so thats why I joined the team." - Robby Mitchell
  • "I really like creating something and watching it move for the first time. It’s almost like breathing life into an inanimate object. Yeah, that." - Lance Warneke
  • " When I came to the university, I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life, but I joined robotics to get a taste of it and to know what my field would be like. And it really lead me to realize that mechanical engineering is what I want to do for the rest of my life." - Ashley Combs

Cost Breakdown

We are raising $15,000 to cover trip costs for the 2015 competition and prepare our club for the coming years.  The initial $7000 will cover travel costs and batteries for the rover.  Any extra funding will go towards workshops and projects in future years to support a larger network of students.

Your Involvement

This offers students the opportunity to work in a real engineering team and apply what they learn in class.  We welcome you to follow our progress on our Facebook page.  With your support, you will be training the next generation of problem solvers.


  Published on Wednesday, May. 13, 2015 at 09:35 AM (PDT)
Thanks to all our supporters we have made major leaps and bounds with our rover! Our science station is in the process of being assembled, and we are fine tuning our arm!  We are so excited for Utah! 

Week 1 Update! 

  Published on Saturday, Apr. 25, 2015 at 12:54 AM (PDT)
It has been a week since we launched our campaign. Thanks to our generous supporters we have already reached 60% of our initial goal! We appreciate all of the help that we can get, and these funds will help us to give team members the experience that comes with working in a genuine robotics facility.  We'd also like to thank the people who have spread the word of our organization to family and friends, and encourage everyone to learn more about the University Rover Challenge to be aware of what we do.  

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Make an Impact

Grease Monkey

Give $5

Purchases metals, plastics, and other hardware for the rover.


Give $25

Provides electronic components for the rover. This includes power converters, motor controllers, wires, connectors, and microcontrollers.


Give $75

These donations cover cameras, GPS modules, and accelerometers, for the rover that will help us compete in Utah. Any donors who contribute at this level will get a shout out on our social media pages!


Give $150

This money will go towards cylinders, hosing, and regulators for our fully adjustable pneumatic suspension system. Any donors who contribute at this level will get a shout out on our social media pages!


Give $300

Gives one student the opportunity to participate in the competition in Utah! This includes transportation, lodging, and food costs for one week and a 2,500 mile drive. Any donors who contribute at this level will get a shout out on our social media pages!


Give $500

This will go towards servos, stepper motors, drive motors, and gear boxes. Any donors who contribute at this level will get a shout out on our social media pages!

The Power of 10

Give $1,024

For those of you that needed a nice round number. This will go towards trip costs and more expensive components on the rover. Any donors who contribute at this level will get their name on the rover and a shout out on our social media pages!


Give $1,500

This will pay for the lithium polymer battery pack for the rover. Any donors who contribute at this level will get their name on the rover and a shout out on our social media pages!